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30 x 30 cm; 588 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-222-15107-1
Erscheinungstermin: 24/10/2022
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Layers of Time

The former city palace at Bauernmarkt 1 is far more than a time-honoured building in the heart of Vienna. Over the course of centuries not only the house itself but also the people that lived in it have transformed. It is their story that this magnificent volume uncovers layer by layer with the power of exceptional paintings, illustrations, and stories. This dazzling treasure trove of the era centers around the lusciously lavish life and world of Leopold I., Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, – the baroque glamour indicative of this period even inspired the most recent transformation of the listed architectural jewel into “The Leo Grand”-Hotel.

Martin Lenikus is the head of the Viennese consortium LENIKUS that specializes in extraordinary hotel and gastronomy projects (i. a. The Leo Grand, Topazz Lamée), premium real estate, and organic winemaking. He is the founder of the LENIKUS collection for contemporary art.

Apollina Smaragd studied music and art history. She is the curator and director of the LENIKUS collection.

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